Wednesday, 21 August 2013

that's what family is for

Why is it that someone has to be in a serious condition to get the whole family together in the same room? 

As we sat in the ICU waiting room of the hospital, I looked around the room and saw Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, other relatives, close family friends, and Grandma. Everyone was chatting. Everyone was nice. No fighting. No arguments. Everyone in the same room with one thing on their minds - Grandpa. 

Two by two, we all took turns stepping in to see Grandpa, who at this point is sedated, hooked up to machines, and not breathing on his own. It was hard to see him like that. Such a strong man looking so frail. 

Earlier that day (Saturday, Aug 17 at 4:00am) Grandpa had had a stroke and fallen out of bed, hitting his head on the end table. He was rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital and attention was given right away.

Back in the waiting room (now about 1:00pm) the mood isn't happy but it is warm. Warm with the love of the whole family. Together. 

I look at my son, who is almost 3 years old, and he knows where we are and why we are here, but I don't think he fully understands. He must be so confused. Seeing Grandpa in the bed hooked up to all these machines. Seeing Grandma crying. Seeing all his elders very sad, some crying, some holding it in. 

I tried my best to be open and honest with him as this is the first family member he has witnessed in this condition.

Fearing the worst and hoping for the best. Although we are not all together at this moment physically, we are all still waiting, still hoping. I know that each one of us is in each others hearts as we wait for more updates on his condition. 

Having everyone together and cooperating with each other was humbling but at the same time very depressing. I'm just glad that when it all boils down, we all have each other to lean on. It's how Grandpa would have wanted it. 

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