Sunday, 5 January 2014

intentions for twenty fourteen

I could make lists for days about all the 'resolutions' I have for the new year. But what would make this year different from last year and the year before that? It seems that with every new year the resolutions, although different, they are essentially the same. Almost as if I am not satisfied with all the resolutions I have completed. 
This year I will be focusing on my intentions for 2014. While focusing on my intentions I will keep one word in mind:

Simplify. By living simply I think I will be able to get more from life. It seems that the more we want, the more we get, the more we do, the more 'things' in our life, the more clutter (physical and emotional) some things get so out of hand and it becomes harder and harder to focus on the bigger picture. Therefore, my intentions for 2014 will be to simplify all aspects of my life. Some days I feel so overwhelmed and believe that by simplifying the mind, simplifying the home, simplifying the wardrobe, simplifying life, it will be a lot easier to find piece. 

Do you have intentions for the new year? Maybe you have a word that you will be focusing on instead of a whole list of 'to-dos'? Wherever this new year takes you I hope you find what you're looking for, good luck to all in this new year. 

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