Friday, 2 August 2013

everyone has it, no matter what the size

Do you ever feel like you have so much information and ideas stored in your brain, so much that it takes over your day? Maybe you've even gotten around to writing everything down, maybe not. Sometimes its the rush of new ideas or projects in your mind that get you so excited you can't concentrate unless its on that. I'm not talking a couple ideas. I'm talking about every where you look, every thing you see, everyday, sparks a new idea. In some cases those original ideas spread out into many more ideas. 

Well that's kind of what goes on in my head. Everywhere I look I see something that sparks interest in me. Anything from a new DIY project, fashion statement, home-reno project, cooking, photography, the list goes on. 

And for those who have no idea what I'm talking about there is hope for you yet. I hope to take even the most outrageous projects and show you that you can do it too. That with just a bit of hard work and determination, you too, can make it happen. Just reach a little higher. Move out of your comfort zone a little and build your confidence. That little creative spark. That ah-ha moment. There is nothing greater than taking pride in your work, especially if done well. 

I hope to inspire that creative spark in someone, anyone. I like to believe we all have at least a little, even if it is teeny-tiny -- it's in there!

Enjoy your weekend :) 
(a long weekend for my fellow Canadians)

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