Monday, 5 August 2013

key to our first house

I am all for preserving memories and I believe that the closer you are to the actual memory the better. Feeling a bit of nostalgia I thought this was a great way to preserve the memory of walking in to our very first house. 

My husband and I got the keys to our now home on May 2nd, 2012. We were so excited to have our very own place to call home. Knowing that we both had the freedom and responsibility of our home (and family) was a bittersweet milestone. 

Want to preserve that memory of your first house? Follow the easy steps below - just make sure you change your locks before you use the key.

Step 1: locate key    (preferably not in use)
Step 2: find a frame - 4X6 works nicely    (I had an old one lying around with no picture in it)
Step 3: write a note    (I used, simply: 'our first house' and the year)
Step 4: use some craft paper as backing - something to match your decor
Step 5: line everything up and place inside the frame    (glue or tape work great to hold things in place)
Step 6: hang it up on the wall/mount on shelf, and admire!

PS - I took these pictures with my dinosaur iPhone 3GS, sorry for the quality.

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